Manufacturing of Oiling Kits for Honda’s VF models from 1981 to 1986

I manufacture oil mod/oiling kits similar to Dave Dodge’s, as he invented them, as far as I know, back in the eighties. So, I have copied them and made some improvements. My enhancement involves using banjo fittings and bolts instead of the 1/8” NPT threads that Dave used to mount the hoses on the adapter. This allows for a much neater hose installation, as you have complete freedom to rotate them into place before tightening. However, apart from this modification, they are based on the same dimensions as Dave’s, as he spent a lot of time getting the dimensions right so that the oil pressure remained correct without compromising the main and connecting rod bearings. The kit fits all models from 400cc to 1100cc from 1981 to 1986 and includes everything you need for the modification, except for the oil filter, for which you will need a smaller type from the GL1500 and CBR1000 (SC21/24), which I also provide with item number: 71822300. The adapter is now black, so it is not visible, but I have kept the old picture on the page as it is easier to see the details. The kit has item number: 20 if you search for it in the shop.